Rocket defensive returns to the top of the league. Regain a magic weapon to curb the Nuggets attack.

On November 14th, the Rockets took a hard bone and scored 109-99 to win the Nuggets and won the fifth victory in the last seven games. The rebound with the Rockets record, as well as their performance on the defensive end.
This summer, the Rockets lost two defensive gates, Ariza and Bamot. Before the training camp began, the assistant Guardian Buzzdrick, who was the defensive team, suddenly announced his retirement. The departure of the three men once made the rocket’s defense line riddled with holes. Last season, the Rockets’ defensive efficiency ranked seventh in the league, and in the first six games of the season, their defensive efficiency plummeted to 25th in the league, and the team ushered in a bleak start with 1 win and 5 losses.

As a result, improving defense has become the number one task in the early season of the Rockets. To this end, the Rockets identified the starting lineup of Tucker and Ennis’s front line. cheap jerseys On the bench, De Shuai reused the rookie Clark, who had a good defensive potential, to improve his playing time. In addition, the Rockets also invited Buzzdrick to the mountain, who agreed to return to the team as a full-time assistant after Thanksgiving. During this time, Buzzdrick will keep in touch with the Rockets.

Since the season’s 1 win and 5 losses, the Rockets have improved their defensive performance since then, and the defensive efficiency ranks 7th in the league’s teams in the same period. The data also shows that in the five games before the Rockets against the Nuggets, the team’s defensive efficiency has ranked fifth in the same period. For the time being, we can say that the Rockets’ defense has returned to the top ranks of the league.

And because Budsdrick’s home in Denver, the Rockets away cheap jerseys away from the Nuggets, Buzzdrick also rushed to meet the team, face-to-face communication with coaches and players. Buzzdrick praised the Rockets’ recent progress on the defensive end and thought they could be better than last season.

“I know that our previous defensive strategy worked well,” Buzzdrick said. “The team has to do it harder, better and more energetic, and more focused on defense.”

Buzzdrick’s painstaking efforts for the rocket defense were to create a strategy of infinite change, which was originally used to deal with the Warriors. In the last season, the Rockets were able to play a wave of times in a short period of time, relying on the infinite change of anti-locking opponents, and then seized the opportunity to counterattack, showing the team’s offensive power.

Both the Rockets and the Nuggets are highly offensive teams, cheap nba jerseys and the two teams staged high-quality offenses in today’s game. The Rockets shot 54.9% and 35.1% from three-pointers, and the Nuggets shot 50% and 44% from three. In the first half, the Nuggets shot 53.8%.

But in the third quarter, the Rockets offered a defensive strategy of unlimited defense, limiting the Nuggets’ single-game field goal percentage to only 42.1%. Harden, Paul, Capella, Tucker and Ennis have flexible steps on the court to prevent multiple positions. Infinitely changing the most test is the player’s misplaced single defense ability, and Harden has weight, he has effectively defended Jokic in the inside and again, Capella has the top mobile ability of the center player, he defended Murray and Harris outside. Waiting for a small player, there is no room for breakthroughs.

It was with defense that the Rockets scored a 32-21 score in the third quarter and scored a double-digit advantage, laying a solid foundation for the final victory.